• Active Air Suspension

    An air suspension system that is capable of adjusting to varying conditions and driving styles on the fly. I designed modules for a range of applications, from performance cars to commercial vehicles.

  • OptimumK

    OptimumK is a tool that lets automotive engineers quickly simulate suspension designs to learn how they will perform. I worked on the design and development of the interface and wrote some of the key algorithms.

  • LxD Assembly

    Pneumatic Control Units

    These units are at the heart of a number of pneumtic systems on commercial vehicles. The enclosed controller and valves make possible systems that respond to changing conditions and driver inputs.

  • Valves and Actuators

    My design work includes a number of valves and pneumatically driven actuators for use in automotive applications. Achieveng the necessary motion while meeting packaging requirements has been a consistent challenge.

  • Formula SAE

    Formula SAE is a student competition to design and build a small race car for an annual international competition. I designed many components, was deeply involved in testing.

  • Switch Plates

    As my team developed prototype suspension systems for cars, we needed to add controls in the cabin. Using data fro a 3D scanner, I was able to match the existing curvature of the dash to add controls that appeard to be original.